Sunday, May 11, 2008

Boost Your Blogging

Zookoda is a completely free e-mail service which allows you to send e-mail updates of your blog to readers who sign-up to receive them.

Zookoda is simply chockful of fantastic, robust features that help make your "newsletter" more than just that. In effect, your e-mail becomes an extension of your blog - you can design the layout to match your blog's appearance, enhance your blog with custom newsletter subscription forms, schedule the frequency of broadcasts (daily, weekly, monthly), see real-time stats of bounces, drops, and new subscribers, and even access mobile users! Truly a great service and all completely free.

One of the Golden Rules of webmastering and problogging is to have some way of e-mailing your visitors and making sure to keep in touch with them. Many people who will contribute and become regular visitors simply forget to check your bookmark, but always check their e-mail. With Zookoda, your regular newsletter reminds them that you are always adding new content. Even if it winds-up in their spam folder a few times, just seeing it reminds them of your site, and if they bothered to sign-up to receive it, you know they are interested in whatever you are offering!

Zookoda makes one of the most important, most involved, aspects of webmastering and blogging as easy as it can be - and all for the low, low price of FREE! Even if your package includes these services, Zookoda probably makes it easier - so what have you got to lose? Check it out today by following the link above!

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