Tuesday, April 1, 2008

George Lindemann

Writing is a business. Blogging is a business (if you do it for money). Even though a lot of naysayers and negative people like to say we're "just playing at our computers" and "living in our own little worlds" and so on and so forth, those of us who actually work in this industry know all too well just how much work is involved. It's a real business, a real job, and it's really work. That we love doing it doesn't make it any less so.

And while we admire and idolize those who are most creative and effective in our craft, you can't go wrong by learning more about truly successful people from other fields - especially financially successful people. And George Lindemann Jr is one such person.

While neither a writer nor journalist - Lindemann has nothing to do with writing, at all - Lindemann has that authorial spirit we all need to make it: the guy who would not be deterred and made a mint doing what he does, regardless of what those around him said. Today, he is one of the handful of billionaires on the planet - one of the richest men alive!

Follow the link above to learn more about this extraordinary man. If nothing else, he is certainly an interesting character to read about - one whose personal story might spark the flames that become your next great protagonist... or antagonist!

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