Sunday, March 30, 2008

Appearance Counts

More and more has been made over writers' appearances over the last few years. Without question, a good-looking author sells more books. A lot of people have complained about this and say it has come with a cost to the quality of the work and industry as a whole, but that's just the way things are. More attractive authors have bigger profile pictures on their book jackets and tend to sell more copies of those books.

Now, you should always be looking to improve your work and be better at your craft, but being good-looking is largely a matter of attitude. Unless you are fat. There is no real excuse for being fat and 70% of the Western world does not have "a thyroid problem" - I don't care what they say.

While a nutritious diet and regular exercise are the best, and only proven, methods of losing weight and keeping it off, some people are beyond that point - the chronically obese cannot lose weight "just" by "simply" eating well and exercising more. They may need to go to Houston liposuction for fat removal - at least to get started. After that, a healthy diet and regular exercise are the only things which will help repair the damage they've already done to their bodies, as well as keep their new weight stable.

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