Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Sorry for the wait. I decided to handcode a template and I really like what I’ve come up with. In fact, more changes are on the way that will guarantee a lot more action here: I am making this the Writing section in and of itself. If you think about it, it just makes sense: most everything to do with writing is going to be text-driven, so why have a few pages of text and then a blog when I can just do everything here?

I am still working on the template because of some little issues and also because I want it to look professional. The real issue I’m having immediately is getting the titlebar and logo on the top left-hand side like it appears on all the other pages. Branding is important in everything, but especially online.

I may roll-out the new look today just for a test drive to see what everyone thinks, but seeing as how it’s really nowhere near ready and I have so much other shit to get to today (since it’s Halloween and I’ve been without a computer for like three days), I may not.

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