Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blogging the Write Way: Content and Press Releases

Depending on the nature, subject, and topic of your blog, you may be focused more on real-life events, your own feelings and outlooks, or op-ed pieces on politics, news and current events or other pursuits.

But, like any good blogger, there will be days when there just isn’t much to discuss - or at least not much that personally interests you or, maybe, your audience. Of course, if you are serious about this endeavor, it is partly your job to literally go and find stuff to discuss!

And what better way to do that than to subscribe to other sites’, blogs’, and businesses’ newsletters, trade magazines, and press releases? These will give you access to major news on upcoming events long before most other bloggers hear about them. Further, they often provide a lot more information than what you are likely to read on other sites and blogs!

Also, the cats in charge of these departments are also usually the guys in charge of the companies’ overall PR and, as such, you may qualify to receive free offers and products from them to review as well!

Of course, subscribing to these things can sometimes load your mailboxes with tons of stuff in a very short time. The best thing to do is, once again, set up an entirely new mailbox (e-mail address) for just such things. You may name it,, or whatever else makes sense to you and makes it easier to remember where these things are.

Just make sure you check in on them from time to time and post at least a few of them (or remark on them) so that the company continues to consider you an important part of their PR strategy!

Until next time!

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