Sunday, April 15, 2007

Welcome to Weird Ink

I set up this blog specifically to focus on writing. Of all the blogs, a lot of times I'll have something to say or comment on - whether in the news or a simple observation that occurs to me for no good reason - that simply doesn't fit well within the context of the blog itself. Usually, I'll go ahead and set it down on The Wording, but after it got hacked and I had to rehang everything, I noticed that it was beginning to take its own shape and posts about blogging and writing, while not completely out of place, would be better off on their own.

So I created Weird Ink.

This blog will focus on writing in all forms - shorts, novels, poetry, articles, blogging, fiction, non-fiction - no matter the form, Weird Ink will cover it if and when it tickles my fancy.

The most important thing about writing - the real "Golden Rule" (there are thousands when it comes to writing) isn't "write what you know" or "know what you write" - it's read. Good writers read constantly and voraciously and part of the reason the site doesn't have more content is because I'm always reading. I get an idea of what I want to do and then I get a book or website on how to do it.

And then I usually talk myself out of doing it before I ever begin. But sometimes, I jump in with both feet and find out I'm in completely over my head. Then I start reading about how to do it. But either way, reading is the key to good writing.

Read anything and everything - every free moment you have should be spent buried in a book. Read fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, romance, history - whatever is available wherever you are whenever you can.

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