Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Idiot Plans to Burn Library Book to Save Children

A complete moron from Oregon found the graphic novel, The Book of Bunny Suicides, in her 13-year old son's room after he checked it out of the school's library. She was so disturbed and upset by the cartoons depicting a bunny attempting suicide in bizarrely creative ways (and failing repeatedly) that she contacted the school's principal.

The principal explained to the poor fool that there was an appropriate course of action which needed to be taken. That course would be for the humorless dipshit to fill-out the appropriate forms and submit them to the school. The school would then remove the book from circulation while it makes its decision.

Taffey Anderson (yes, that really is her real name) said she plans to do so, but refuses to return the book. She claims it is inappropriate for anyone and she is "...just disgusted by the whole ordeal."

The school tried patiently to explain to the mentally-deficient Taffey that if she did not return the book, they would be forced to purchase a new one and would charge the family for the cost of replacing it. They cannot review the book without having a copy of it, after all. Taff vowed to have someone check out that copy as well, and burn it too.

"It is a comic book, but that's not funny. Not at all. I don't care if your kid is 16, 17, 18. It's wrong." Taffey babbled to the press - and anyone else who would listen to her hysterical ranting.

The Book of Bunny Suicides was purchased by the school because it is a young-adult recommendation from the American Library Association. While some people, even some librarians, agree it may be considered inappropriate for younger readers, they seem to think it fine for older ones. Contrary to what one Ms. Taffey Anderson thinks.

Sadly, if the fascist does not return the book, her knowledge-hungry son will no longer be allowed to borrow books from the library and may very well grow up to be just like her.

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  1. The school board split on its decision. It will reconvene in January with a full panel.